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Thursday 22 August, 2019 | RSS Feed

Flower Girl Dresses - How to Persuade the Flower Girl

Flower girl dresses can be hard to decide on and the reason for this is because really you want to please everybody. You want to please the girl holding the flowers, the bride and groom, and really anyone else that is in attendance at the wedding. There are so many eyes on the flower holding girl so you want to be sure that she looks adorable when she appears.

The bride had decided that flower girl dresses should be the same as the bride's maids dresses and this was going to stir up some disappointments. Well me being the maid of honor I would need to break the news to our poor little Jessica. I didn't think that it would be so hard to convince the her to wear the dress but was I ever wrong. Jessica had her heart set on some dresses that her Mother had suggested for her. But we all know how weddings can bring a lot of stress and this was one of those occasions that I was ready for. I needed to find a way to convince Jessica that flower girl dresses should be the same as the bride's maid dresses. So here is what I did. I spoke to the brides maids and I asked them to speak with Jessica. I wanted Jessica to actually want to wear the dress that was picked for her I definitely didn't want to force it on her. She is ten years old and we all know how children of that age handle disappointment.

The bride's maids spoke to her when we had a get together for all of the people in the wedding party a few weeks before the wedding. They just simply asked her what she was wearing as the flower girl. Jessica described the dress that she had her heart set on and the other girls commented on how beautiful the dress sounded and then Charlotte (one of the bride's maid) brought out one of the brides maid dresses. Jessica pretty much instantly fell in love with the dress and Charlotte asked her if she would like to wear one for the wedding. That's it. Often when you give a child a choice and don't try to force them they will usually be easier to convince. Jessica ended up loving the dress and completely forgot about all of the other flower girl dresses that she had already seen.

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