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Marc Jacobs Boots - Very Fashionable, Very Pricey

Women love Marc Jacobs boots because they are high fashion, sharp and sexy. There is such a variety of boots to choose from. There could easily be a pair of these boots in a woman's closet for every season, not just winter.

The boots that really aren't sexy are the rain boots for fall. They come in rubber, are just below the knee, and are very emphasized in the tread. You won't slip and fall in these boots. They'll keep you dry, and at the same time, you can wear a fun color, because they come in many. Oh, and they have a cute tie in the front at the top.

There are several kinds of knee high Marc Jacobs boots in suede or leather. There is the popular slouch style that looks great with a long or short skirt. They come with buckles and a chunky heel. The other boots that aren't the slouch style come in colors such as maroon, black, tan or brown. They also come in chunky heels. Many of the heels are made of a light tan wood. Some of the boots are flat for more practical purposes, like the weather. Even so, they are still considered to be very fashionable.

One particular pair of cute boots is taupe-colored, tied at the top and ankle high with a chunky heel. These are so cute to wear with jeans or a midi-skirt.

Another really great pair of boots are the gold ones, ankle high with a zipper and a heel. There are also the many ankle high designs with ties in the front, a skinnier heel, and made of suede or leather in different shades.

Marc Jacobs boots prices can range from $100 to $1,000. Look for a sale.